• Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

The ultimate goal of the UpRod project is to bring innovations in the drug discovery and development industry. Using the Useful Natural Product Library in Kumamoto University, we do the following projects based on our Mission and Vision; (1) Establishment of cultivation systems that can produce steady quantities of high quality useful natural products by collaborations of Kumamoto University and local companies, (2) Establishment of an evaluation system that includes systematic serial-operation of extractions, analyses and evaluations of the useful natural products in the library that ultimately leads to the production of innovative medical products.

GLOBAL NETWORK Based on close relationship between KUMAMOTO UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF PHARMACY and other collaborators



Strengthening the domestic and international network for useful natural products
We intend to build an educational and research network with countries where these useful natural products are found. By also collaborating with local governments and companies involved in the health industry, we aim to establish a Pharma valley in partnership with local industries.
Promoting research and development related to cultivation and content analysis of useful natural products
In order to build up our database of useful natural products, we work to find optimum cultivation methods, automated extraction, making libraries of novel useful substances from marine microorganisms, assessment of extracts, etc.
Development of business based on outcomes of the projects
By utilizing outcomes of research and development in this program, we develop business via startup company that deals with cultivation management, extraction method, primary processing of useful natural products, and license useful substances.

UpRod is made up of three pillars:

1. Creation of a library of useful natural products from various areas around the world
2. Promotion of R&D for useful natural product cultivation and content assessment
3. Drug discovery and health related business